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Let me first take you down a memory lane. When I joined Trine in early 2017, every new investor was an event. Around €500,000 had so far been crowd invested in solar energy in emerging markets. Today over €40,000,000 has been invested through Trine, and over 2 million people has gotten access to clean and affordable energy.

This is the Trine site back in 2017.

And now it looks something like this. View site

Style guide

One of my continuos projects is to make sure that our UI is consistent throughout the site. To get an overview of our component I started to map everything out in a pattern library. This made it much easier for developers to see and reuse our available components, leading to faster development speed, less custom css and a consistent UI. Our style guide is a living document which is continusly being developed and improved. I'm responsible for making sure all components are up to date with the corresponding style guide in our Figma file, and of course to design new components.

The style guide is based on the Atomic Design Methodology. Visit the Trine style guide