Just design things

web design+logo design+graphic design


Kapitalet is a financial podcast launched in 2017. I created a visual identity for the podcast to use in digital ads and on pod platforms. I also created the design for Kapitalet.se. The inspiration for the site and visual identity was the pink economic sections in newspapers.

Andra uppdraget - Anthology

The organisation Youth Against Racism made a research about equality in school, and I designed the anthology to help teachers and decision makers to create an equal education for all. The theory is based on 9 building blocks, or "grund stenar", and the gemstones represent each chapter. The inspiration was old anthologies and school posters, but with a modern twist.

Nyttigaste affären - Impact award

A new reward was created that would elect the most impactful business in Gothenburg. The budget was extremely limited, and the award was planned as a yearly event. My solution was to design a logo that represented both impact and Gothenburg, and what is a better symbol for them both than the water drop? Since impact is about helping others and the award was created to inspire others, I chose to visualise the saying "ripples on the water".